First Digital Bank in Indonesia

BRI Digital Branch is the first digital bank in Indonesia that support self banking, and offer high technology. We designed it with future concept environment and bring the latest technology like; transparent glass, interactive screen, hybrid machine. BRI is the bank that support UMKM(usaha Mikro, Kecil, dan Menengah) so we design the traditional UMKM concept into digital display and transaction.


BRI Digital Branch

Terminal3 Ultimate Soekarno-Hatta


Our Video project at Masion et Objet Paris

This is the video project we made in collaboration with Maison et Objet and Bravacasa a few weeks ago. We hope it will help to give other Indonesian designers an idea on how to use this event as their marketing platform. Tagging: Miranti Maria Lemy-Djohan Triawan Munaf Rahardi RamelanJoshua Mulia Simandjuntak Lim Masulin Poppy Savitri

Ini adalah sebuah video yang kami buat berkolaborasi dengan Maison et Objet dan Bravacasa beberapa pekan lalu. Kami harap bisa membantu dan memberikan ide desainer Indonesia lainnya cara menggunakan acara tersebut sebagai platform marketing mereka.


Into Japanese Magazine, Nikkei Design

Featured on Japanese design magazine “Nikkei Design” interviewed about AEC(ASEAN Economic Community). When AEC is exposed, ASEAN design industry would be changed a lot. We have to consider and prepare for it.

Thank you very much for the collaboration to
Mr. Chris Yap Chairman of miid(Malaysia)
Mr.George Budiman Chairman of IDS(Singapore)
Mr.Casey Boo Koh Vice President of IDS(Singapore)
Mr.Montip Lynn Vice President of TIDA(Thailand)
Mr.James Jao president of PIID(Philippine)


SUKIYA New Design!!


No1 best selling beef bowl shop in Tokyo came to Jakarta. Here we collaborated American Artist and completed world 1st design for SUKIYA group. This design is going to be a standard for all the SUKIYA global shop in the world from now. Exciting!!  not just a beef bowl, Ramen is also tasty!!


Report to Congress (3rd October 2015) had been approved


Report to Congress (3rd October 2015) had been approved, thank you to all my board members and our secretariat, without…

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First ever orphanage in Indonesia was newly opened fully supported by Sosro

First ever children’s orphanage in Indonesia are renewed and opened today. Here, children can have not just general study but can learn about cookery, sawing, dancing etc so that they can have job opportunity after they graduate.  Tuition fees are fully supported by Sosro family. It’s been 30 years!!  since they started this charity. Some students went to university and got high degree of education. I was really touched by their compassion and love for children. Appreciate that we could join this project to volunteer the school design.

One of the largest EO at ASIA “Indo Build Tech Launching”

INDO BUILD TECH 2016 @ ICE launching event. One of the biggest EO in Asia. Good to collaborate with Indonesian designer󾮗

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KOMPAS TV – necessity of supporting local designers

Then KOMPAS TV shooting. About necessity of promoting Local designer and architects. 󾭞󾮗 #indonesia #indonesiandesigner…

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SURU spoon is going on sales soon


Our designed SURU spoon is officially going on sales soon.

‘SURU’ is a word for spoon in Javanese. An eating tool which name is almost forgotten, organic eating tool made from banana leaves folded to form a scoop.


‘SURU’ is a reminder of the beauty of diversities, an eating tool that the world is yet to discover. An eating tool originated from the island of Java, culture no less than others in the world.


Suru is handmade and design to make people aware on the environment by giving the option of always carrying and using this good quality material spoon instead of a throw away plastic one that is commonly use today.


Finally! Our designed SURU spoon is officially going on sales soon thank you very much for everyone waiting for it….

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Property and City Magazine

photo shooting by “Property and City Magazine” at office today. wow so perfect make up :ppp  Thank you very much to all the crew.



Photo shooting by Property and City Magazine today. make up time . #interiordesign #indonesiadesign #interiorindonesia #francissurjaseputra #propertyindonesia Francis Surjaseputra

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TV shooting from Majalahdetik

スクリーンショット 2015-06-18 1.04.40

TV shooting todaythank you very much for all the crew from


TV shooting todaythank you very much for all the crew from #indonesiadesign #interiorindonesia #majalahdetik #francissurjaseputra

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